Introduction of Omi beef “Sawai hime wagyu” in Sawai ranch

Original stone oven of NINJA SHINJUKU

Introduction of Omi beef “Sawai hime wagyu” in Sawai ranch

◆About Omi beef
Omi beef is known as one of the three major Japanese beef.
Omi beef is the best quality Japanese beef like famous Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef in Japan, and it is the most historic Japanese beef.
There are two historical facts. One is that when Hideyoshi Toyotomi attacked Odawara castle, Hideyoshi's warrior Ukon Takayama gave Omi beef to Ujisato Gamo, Tadaoki Hosokawa and so on in the era of Sengoku. Another is that Omi beef was dedicated to Tokugawa Shogun in the era of Edo.
The root of Omi beef is kind of Tajima beef as Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef. Omi beef is comparatively small, it is different from kind of large Kyushu beef. The meat is very tasty, and the fat quality is particularly good.

◆About Sawai hime wagyu
All Omi beef that offered in NINJA SHINJUKU is “Sawai hime wagyu”. We make a contract with Sawai ranch in Ryuo-cho Shiga prefecture, and we get directly from the ranch.
“Sawai hime wagyu” is only virgin cattle “Cow” that is difficult to breed. As the result, the quality of meat is fine and soft, the texture is silky. “Sawai hime wagyu” is the best quality brand. If the cow cleared standard of delicious beef that is the purpose of ranch, it can be named as “Sawai hime wagyu”.
Sawai ranch makes special feed for cows every day, the feed is always fresh.

They research daily about original blend according to season, climate and the condition of cows.
“Sawai hime wagyu” is not only marbling (A5). The purpose of Sawai ranch is balance of meat and fat and very tasty. The rank is A4/6-7~A5/8-9.
The cow is bred with no stress in ventilated clean cow shed.

◆Safe and secure
Sawai ranch is the largest ranch for breeding Omi beef in Shiga prefecture.
Its characteristics are advanced, safe and secure. Sawai ranch obtains HACCP
and JGAP. It is very rare in livestock ranch of Japan.

The cow of Sawai ranch drinks daily groundwater that is pumped from underground 70 meters at own company. (The first ranch is since 1974, the second ranch is since 1999 and 2016)
It is important that cows drink high quality and safe water every day for producing delicious beef.
There are 200 cows in Sawai ranch under thorough international safety management standards. (As of 2018)
Sawai ranch doesn’t throw away cow dung as industrial waste. They compost the cow dung and reduce it to farmlands of neighboring farmers, contribute for delicious fruits and vegetables in Ryuo-cho.
Nowadays they make improvement for ease of use by making compost into pellets (granular).

Original stone oven of NINJA SHINJUKU

◆Ultimate stone oven that makes it possible to grill without losing the original taste of the material
It is important to grill slowly with long time and control temperature freely, for making use of the original taste of the material and grilling of the best condition.
The stone oven of NINJA SHINJUKU is original one. It was made for realization an ideal grill by skilled Japanese craftsmen from the beginning.

◆Temperature to grill the material
The stone oven has various temperature zones that is from a low temperature zone of 80 degrees or less to a high temperature zone of 500 degrees or more.
Omi beef, carefully selected mushrooms and vegetables are grilled in the stone oven.
The stone oven can grill tasty by using different temperatures that is not constant.
By using different temperature and far-infrared heating of stone oven, taste of the material (moisture) is confined and the inside is grilled slowly. This way can’t be done with iron plate or oven or grill net.
It's a shame that we can’t show you the stone oven from the open kitchen, because the extremely hot temperature is constantly released from it.





NINJA SHINJUKUでご提供する近江牛は全て、滋賀県竜王町の澤井牧場さんと契約し、牧場から直接仕入れている“澤井姫和牛”です。





NINJA SHINJUKUで使用している窯は、そんな理想的な火入れを実現するために、日本の熟練した職人たちが一から作り上げたNINJA SHINJUKU独自の石窯です。